Dymphna Boholt

Dymphna Boholt is Australia’s #1 Real Estate Speaker and Provocateur

A retired accountant, qualified economist, full-time real estate investor, author of 5 real estatebooks, founder of the iLoveRealEstate Community (with 10,167 paid members) and a mother of 3 children.

Dymphna replaced her professional income with real estate in just 18 months and wants to reveal how you can do it too.

In This Free Webcast You’ll Discover:

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    Positive Cashflow Strategies – Despite what 99% of the population thinks, there are still areas in Australia where you can find positive cashflow properties.

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    Manufactured Growth Strategies Discover how to create your own mini property boom in the next 12 months regardless of the economic climate

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    Tax Minimisation Strategies Legal and ethical tax secrets of the rich that can massively slash your tax burden

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    Asset Protection Strategies Australia is closely behind the “Sue-Happy Yanks” when it comes to litigation, in fact NSW is third behind California and Texas for legal suits and Queensland and Victoria are in the top ten.

My Proprietary Property Genius Formula

My specific Blueprint on how I take a complete novice and awaken them to discover their unique wealth genius

How to set yourself up for life in the next 3-5 years using real estate...

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